Density Transmitters

Density Transmitters line was designed and patented for the continuous measurement of liquid density and concentration in industrial processes. The complete line is available in the 4-20 mA + HART®, FOUNDATIONTM fieldbus, and PROFIBUS PA technology options. These transmitters use an exclusive and patented technology to calculate the density, where a probe immersed in the process, with two pressure sensors and one temperature sensor, sends the signal for a capacitive sensor which calculates the ΔP between the pressure sensors. From the ΔP and temperature, a dedicated software calculates the density and concentration of the process fluid. This density/concentration may be expressed in g/cm³, kg/m³, lb/pé³, relative density, Brix degree, Bé degree, INPM degree, GL degree, API degree, Solids, Concentration etc.
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DT300 SMAR Density Transmitters