A temperature gauge is used in areas where there is a need to have temperature under control. It consists of two main elements;
1.     An element which is sensitive towards changes in temperature and measures variations in temperature. These variations cause physical changes in the element and as a result, element acts as a temperature sensor. This part can be either a thermometric substance or a bimetal element.
2.     A monitor or a mechanism which displays physical changes of the sensor in an observable and understandable way. In glass thermometers, scale lines perform this role.
Among instruments for measuring temperature, temperature gauge and bimetal thermometer are most commonly used across the industry. Their performance depends on a bimetal element and covers a wide temperature range.
Below are the factors which come to consideration when we want to choose a certain model and type of temperature gauge;
          Dial Size
          Measuring range
          Size of the connections
          Type of material
          Type of thermowell
          Measuring precision
This company offers temperature gauge with American brand “Kleev” and Indian brand “General Instrument Consortium”.
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