Products Category: Sensor

The word “sensor” comes from the root “sens” which means “to feel” and “to perceive”. A sensor can convert physical quantities such as temperature, pressure and humidity into digital or analog electrical quantities. Sensors are one of the most functional instruments in industrial automation. They act the same way five senses act in human being. In order to achieve the ideal speed and precision in industrial processes (such as in production lines), the available instruments and machines in production line need to be working automatically and with desired order and precision. Therefore, in order to achieve the required effects, sensors are positioned in various places. The function of sensors and their ability to connect to various devices such as PLC, has made them an inseparable part of the automatic control devices.
Sensors are divided into two categories; Contact Sensor (Micro-switch) and NON-Contact Sensor (Proximity Sensor), which in turn are divided into several subcategories.
Contact Sensors
They are used for measuring the temperature of the environment. These sensors measure their own temperature and after contacting another object or situating in the environment, thermal balance between sensor and the environment is reached and measured.
Proximity Sensors
This type of sensors activates after a device or an object comes close to their vicinity.
Some of the most functional sensors in industry include Fiber Optic sensors, Capacitive Sensors, Inductive Sensors.