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Control systems consist of two parts;
1.      Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
2.    Distributed Control System (DCS)
Distributed control system consists of two parts;
1.      Conventional DCS: HART
2.    Fieldbus Control System: FCS
  1. Programmable Logic Control: PLC
Programmable logic control is an instrument in the field of industrial automation. PLC is an industrial control system which constantly keeps track of the system’s inputs and using its own software and programs, controls the process and system’s outputs.
Using PLC technology, we can optimize and develop production lines, performances and processes. Industrial automation’s control mechanisms help us to achieve the best and most precise possible product.
PLC is used for factory automation.
  1.  Distributed Control System: DCS
A distributed control system or DCS is the more developed version of the PLC systems. They are used for high-scale projects with larger numbers of inputs and outputs.
DCS is used for process automation.
Below are listed some of DCS systems’ capabilities;
1.      Two Ethernet ports with 10MB/s speed for redundancy connection
2.    RS232 port for connecting with 3rd party instruments
3.    MODBUS RTU & TCP technologies
4.    The ability to execute and upload 250 Fieldbus blocks in the processor
5.     The ability to execute and upload 2000 standard blocks in the processor
6.    Special port for redundant connections
7.     Program scan time about 10 msec
8.    Ability to add 64 extra modules on every sub-system, including analog and digital inputs and outputs and high frequency inputs
9.    Compatible with OPC Server technology
10.            Compatible with invest management software
11.   Ability to be used in work places with high degree of danger
12.Supporting 32 controller with ability of redundancy in every sub-system
13.Using Clint/server architecture
14.Using modern technologies such as DeviceNet, AS-I, Profibus, Foundation Fieldbus, HART MODBUS, OPC, SNMP
Distributed control systems consist of two parts;
1.      Conventional DCS: Hart
Conventional DCS uses common HART technology. Data exchange between installed instruments at the site and control cards are analog.
2.    Fieldbus control system: FCS
FCS uses the modern technology of Fieldbus. Since data exchange in this technology is completely digital and has a speed of 31.25 KB/Sec, this system is used in operations which high speed processing and data exchange is not necessary.
An overall schematic of DCS is shown below;
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