Smar (Brazil) Products:

- PLC, Monitoring & SCADA Systems
- Fieldbus/ Profibus PA/ HART SMART Transmitters (Pressure, Differential Pressure,
Temperature, Level)
- Density / Concentration Transmitters
- Multi loop (4-loop) PID controllers
- Control Systems (FCS, DCS, PLC)
- All Signal Converters / Isolators for Current / Voltage / Profibus & F.F. signals
- Ex Foundation Fieldbus barriers
- Rotary / Linear Pneumatic Actuators and Positioners
- PLC/ SCADA & Instruments Training kits (Pilot Plants)
- Valve Positioners , Position Transmitter
- Hart Communicators
 Smar Catalog
General Cataloge General Cataloge
LD300LD400 Differential pressure Transmitter
LD290LD300LD1.0LD400 Pressure Transmitter 
SR301 Diaphragm Seal 
DT300 Density Transmitter
TT300TT421TT411 Temperature Transmitter
HPC401 Hart Communicator
FY300;FY400 Positioner
RD400 Level Transmitter
IF302 Current to Fieldbus Converter
SYSTEM302 Control system